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Product Development, Custom & Contract Manufacturing of Personal Care Cosmetics & Cosmeceuticals, Skin & Hair Products, Toiletries, Natural & Organic Products, Topical OTC Pharmaceuticals, Pet Treatment & Grooming Aids, and Chemical Specialties

Pet Care Products

Libby Laboratories is a custom formulator and manufacturer of pet care products.

See Ingredients We Use

  • Anti-Itch Products
  • Balms & ointments
  • Coat Conditioners & Detanglers
  • Coat Shine Products
  • Deodorant sprays (for pet and/or carpet)
  • Dry Skin ProductsPet Powders
  • Refreshing/ scented sprays
  • Shampoos- All Types including sulfate free
  • Coat whitening products
  • Other Animal Products

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